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Read how twoplus came about to help solve problems in fertility care. Co-founders Dr Benjamin and Prusothman, together with their team, is helping couples worldwide tackle infertility issues.

The twoplus fertility Story

“...helping 1 million couples trying to conceive, to conceive — over the next 10 years.”

twoplus is all about solving seemingly unsolvable problems in healthcare, specifically, fertility care. It all came about when co-founder Benjamin Tee faced a long period of difficulty in starting a family with his wife, and pressures mounted when unexplained infertility was diagnosed. After researching fertility and conception, he knew there has to be a simple, natural fertility solution out there, beyond IVF and IUI. Together with fellow Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellow and co-founder, Prusothman Raja, who also witnessed first-hand how difficult it is to start a family, they searched high and low for a natural, effective fertility product that could be used at one’s privacy and convenience. 

It was discovered that no such product existed on the market, and that this problem wasn’t unique to them. In fact, more than 16% of couples worldwide face similar fertility hurdles.

By solving fertility frustration for themselves, Benjamin and Prusothman realised twoplus’ innovations could, similarly, do the same for couples who share the same struggles worldwide.

twoplus has since launched the Sperm Guide, the Applicator, and the Hormone Test, with many more innovative bundles of joy to come. The approach here is simple: bring to everyone (and anyone) natural methods of conception that are affordable, natural, and safe.

The Founders


Prusothman Raja

Co-founder, twoplus fertility

As a Stanford Biodesign Fellow and biomedical engineer, Prusothman specialises in developing new healthcare products for unmet needs. Pru has worked closely with Benjamin on numerous projects over the years and immediately jumped in when Ben approached him over twoplus. Having seen how fertility challenges affect people close to him, Pru wants twoplus to provide couples with fertility solutions that are accessible and scientifically sound.

Benjamin Tee

Co-founder, twoplus fertility

As a Stanford Biodesign Fellow and a scientist with a PhD from Stanford University, Benjamin dedicated himself to the study and innovation of fertility care, after failing to start a family over a long stretch of time. The frustration over a lack of reliable home-based fertilisation solutions spurred him to birth twoplus and change the status quo.
Through arduous research and collaboration with engineers, Benjamin successfully grew twoplus from strength to strength, as products such as the Sperm Guide helped couples overcome fertility woes to have babies.

The Team


Behind twoplus fertility is a dedicated team of product engineers, chemists, operations & quality assurers and business developers that helps us help you conceive.

The Experts

A panel of leading scientific advisors helping us shape the best fertility care for you.

  • Dr Min Yu Lim

    Dr Lim Min Yu, MBChB FRCOG

    President, Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Singapore (OGSS)

  • Polina Lishko

    Polina Lishko, PhD

    Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, UC Berkeley

  • Ruben Alvero

    Ruben Alvero, MD

    Vice President-ElectSociety for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Division Director Fertility and Reproductive Health, Stanford University Medical Center

  • Michael Eisenberg

    Michael Eisenberg, MD

    Director of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Stanford University Medical Center