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twoplus Fertility's Applicator is currently unavailable in the United States.

twoplus Fertility’s Applicator Extra is designed specifically for at-home intravaginal insemination (IVI). Self-inseminate in full privacy & comfort, and say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of having sex on a schedule. Swiftly deposit sperms in the right place to aid their chances of survival.

You enjoy much greater comfort during self-insemination and reduced immediate leakage out of the vaginal tract with the Soft Tip.

✓ Comfortable & Hygienic
✓ Reduced Immediate Loss (Applicator Extra)
✓ Discreet Packaging
✓ Money Back Guarantee
✓ Free Shipping

Each twoplus Fertility Applicator Extra comes with:

  • One vaginal applicator
  • One semen collection cup
  • One Soft Tip
  • One set of instructions in English

Why Not Any Other Syringe?

We designed the twoplus Fertility Applicator to bring IVI right to the comfort and privacy of your home.

The twoplus Fertility Applicator is a one-time use device designed for couples trying to conceive without penetrative sex. By directly depositing sperm to the right spot, you optimise the chances of fertilisation. What's more, when you purchase the Applicator Extra, you can bid farewell to raising your legs in the air after self-insemination. The Applicator Extra’s nifty Soft Tip reduces immediate leakage out of the vaginal tract, making sure every drop counts.

Not only is the Applicator safe to use, you may even see greater efficacy as the direct semen deposit allows sperm to bypass the lower vaginal tract’s acidic environment; an area where most sperms won’t survive.

  • At-Home Insemination

    Designed For At-Home Insemination

    The Applicator and Applicator Extra help transfer semen efficiently and comfortably, with rounded edges and a narrower body to mimic mother nature.

  • Sperm-Friendly

    Tested To Be Sperm-Friendly

    This artificial insemination kit passed tests for human sperm survival with flying colours.

  • Maximised Semen Transfer

    Maximised Semen Transfer

    Did you know that you experience a significant loss in volume when you self-inseminate using conventional syringes? This is because their narrow tip traps semen. The twoplus Fertility Applicator’s rounded tip ensures that over 90% of semen leaves the syringe.

  • Optimised For One-Hand Use

    Optimised For One-Hand Use

    Raise your (other) hand if you find it tough to use a syringe with one hand. The twoplus Fertility Applicator and its Extra version are optimised for single-hand usage, with the majority of our early users finding them easier to handle than a conventional syringe.

Success Stories From People Who Used The Applicator Extra 

Pregnant couple

“My wife used the Applicator Extra and could be much more involved in the process rather than [stand by] as an onlooker. It felt more romantic and intimate than the clinic.

After using the Applicator Extra for four ovulation cycles, I ended up pregnant for two of those times.”

– Beth, 31

Read Beth’s Story

What Makes The twoplus Fertility Applicator Syringe Unique


What’s the Soft Tip?


How Do You Use The twoplus Fertility Applicator?

Here’s how you can easily inject a new lease of life with the Applicator. A few seconds is all you need.

  • Semen Deposit

    STEP 1

    Set The Stage

    Deposit semen into the collection cup.

  • twoplus applicator semen withdrawal

    STEP 2

    Draw Semen Into Applicator

    Tilt the collection cup at an angle before placing the Applicator in. Then, pull the plunger to withdraw the semen.

  • twoplus Soft Tip Attachment

    STEP 3

    Attach The Soft Tip

    For added comfort and reduced immediate loss out of the vaginal tract, attach the Soft Tip to transform the Applicator into the Applicator Extra.

  • Insert twoplus Applicator into vagina

    STEP 4

    Self-Inseminate Away

    Get into a sit-up position or lie on your back. Then, insert the Applicator into your vagina and press the plunger.

  • Leave in the twoplus Soft Tip

    STEP 5

    Keep Soft Tip Inside (Extra-only)

    Once the deed is done, remove the Applicator but leave the Soft Tip inside you (if you’re using the Extra). Don’t worry, you can remove it an hour later!

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Easy to use

So far so good. Hope I’ll be successful. Fingers crossed.


Applicator Extra


I managed to conceive using applicator extra in my first cycle. Sadly, I had a missed miscarriage. After that, my husband and I used syringes (from pharmacy stores) that were very painful. After 3 unsuccessful cycles, we brought 6 cycles of applicator . And I am now pregnant just in the first cycle again!! I strongly recommend every couple to give applicator extra a go!

Average review

We have been trying using the applicator for a couple of months. No harm giving it a try for a couple more months to see if the products aid in our fertility journey.

The product is good.

The syringe is easy to use. Although I have not got pregnant yet, I am satisfied with the product itself. However, I don't like the package box. It is heavy and difficult to throw as a recycle rubbish because of the magnetic part, which I think is unnecessary. And the delivery always take really long like 5 working days, which I think is too slow within Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The Applicator syringe, Applicator Extra’s Soft Tip accessory, and semen collection cup are all single-use items. Reusing any of items may result in an infection and re-sanitising or sterilising them compromises their structural integrity. If you require more Applicator or ApplicatorExtras, you can simply add them to your next order.

Dispose of the syringe and collection cup once you’re done self-inseminating. As for the ApplicatorExtra’s Soft Tip accessory, remove it from your body and discard it approximately 1 hour after self-insemination.

If you’re experiencing painful sex or simply prefer the convenience of self-insemination, this vaginal applicator fits your needs to a T. It was designed to meet our exacting standards and has undergone rigorous research and testing.

The Applicator also allows you to deposit sperm right at the right place, which may just help you get the outcome you want.

Ideally, the twoplus Fertility Applicator should be used when you are most fertile. In short, it would be the final days leading up to ovulation during your menstrual cycle.

Need a quick and accurate ovulation test to determine this? Check out our Ovulation Test Kit (by Point of Care).

If you’re seeing these as you’re drawing semen from the collection cup, don’t worry. This won’t affect the self-insemination process at all! Additionally, do not press the plunger to remove any air bubbles as this will cause semen to leak out. Time is of the essence, so you’ll need to work swiftly and move on to depositing sperm in the vagina.

Yes, this at-home intravaginal insemination kit has a shelf life of two years, including the Applicator Extra’s Soft Tip accessory. If your Applicator has expired, please dispose of it and purchase a new one. To prevent this from happening, order an Applicator only when you and your partner plan to use it in the near future.

The twoplus Fertility Applicator was designed for couples to perform at-home intravaginal insemination comfortably and in full privacy. The Applicator’s syringe and Applicator Extra’s Soft Tip accessory have been carefully designed to maximise comfort. You should not feel any aches or pains while using this IVI kit at home. To prevent this from occurring, please read the Applicator’s instructions and watch our step-by-step demonstration.

In the unlikely event that you experience pain, discomfort, or irritation during the insemination process, we highly recommend you to stop immediately and consult your primary care physician or gynaecologist.

It’s normal for semen to leak out of the vagina, no matter the insemination method. However, using the Applicator Extra and its Soft Tip accessory helps to reduce immediate loss after self-insemination. You no longer need to raise your hips during insemination and you can walk around comfortably with this accessory inside you after that. Self-insemination will never be a messy affair again.

Both the Applicator and Applicator Extra let you easily self-inseminate in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The Applicator Extra sports the unique Soft Tip accessory, which makes insertion more comfortable and reduces the immediate loss of semen from the vaginal tract.

Things not working out?

twoplus Fertility’s home conception sets are backed-by-science and quality is assured. However, we understand that things just don’t work out sometimes. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. Drop us a line and we’ll work it out with you!

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